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LAMONT, Angus ( MACLAOMUINN, Aonghas)  (late 19th/early 20th Century)


This singer belonged to Skye and Paisley.



‘Co-dhiubh, thogainn fonn mo leannain’


Celtic Monthly, 25 (1917), 40


Melody in tonic sol-fa notation from the singing of Angus. There are four four-line stanzas and a refrain.  Only the first stanza belongs to the old song, the others having been adapted.  For a song with a similar refrain from another Skye

singer, see From the Hebrides (Kennedy-Fraser and MacLeod 1925: xi). 



‘Dh’ fhalbh mo rùn, hó i ù’


Celtic Monthly, 17 (1908-1909), 220.


The melody and the three-line refrain noted from the singing of Angus. The six verse-couplets have been adapted to the melody, probably by Calum MacPharlain. 



‘Ràinig thu ‘n cridh’ agam’


An Sgeulaiche, 1 (1909-1910), 428-429).


A love song, of which Angus could only remember one quatrain and the refrain.  These are given alongside new words composed to his tune, which is given in tonic sol-fa notation.





















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