Gaelic Literature of the Isle of Skye: an annotated  bibliography   


Traditional poetry and song:  collectors and collections







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MHARTAINN, Cairistiona




Cairist́ona Mhàrtainn.  Orain an Eilein.  An t-Eilean Sgitheanach : Taigh na Teud, 2001.  132dd.


A collection of 156 Skye songs with both words and music.  The songs are from composers known and unknown and range from older, traditional material to the work of modern poets and village bards.  In terms of the number of individual songs, 156, this is the largest collection of Skye songs which I can recall seeing in print.  The range and size of the collection, and the fact that it contains much material never published before, gives it its particular value.  One would have wished for more extensive notes and bibliographical references: with these this work would have been more valuable still and it would have helped the reader in deciding whether his or her own criteria for a Skye provenance coincided with those of the compiler.    


I have not here followed my usual practice of listing all the items in a collection under the heading of that collection.  The size of this collection would have made it impractical and instead I have listed individual items in the main sequences of this bibliography.  While I have listed in this way the majority of items in this collection there are some omissions: some items which are easily available in other collections and some items of whose Skye provenance I was not sure.





















Traditional: known authorship

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Traditional: anonymous

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Traditional: collections

Annie Arnott       An Cabairneach        Carmina Gadelica        Catriona Dhùghlas        Tormod Domhnallach                  Marjory Kennedy-Fraser         Angus Lamont        K. N. MacDonald         Johan MacInnes          Hugh MacKinnon          Calum I. MacLean         Sorley MacLean        Kenneth MacLeod         Niall MacLẹid        Màiri Nighean Alasdair

Cairistiona Mhàrtainn         Alexander Morison          Kenneth Morrison         Angus Nicolson          Portree HS Magazine   Lachlann Robertson         Frances Tolmie I          Frances Tolmie II



Somhairle MacGill-Eain         The New Poetry



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