Gaelic Literature  of the Isle of Skye: an annotated  bibliography   


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Although the title of this bibliography refers to the literature of Skye, it also encompasses the literature of the islands immediately adjacent to Skye: Raasay, South Rona, Muck, Rum, Eigg, Canna and Soay.  In the absence of indications to the contrary, general references to Skye made throughout may be taken to include references to the forenamed islands as well.


The main categories of the source materials for this work were periodicals, anthologies, individual collections and miscellaneous books and articles in the libraries of Aberdeen University, the National Library of Scotland and the Central Public Library in Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Library, The Mitchell Library in Glasgow, the library of Sabhal Mór Ostaig in Skye and a number of other libraries through inter-library loan.  While all these printed sources were examined as systematically as possible, constraints of time made it impossible to be as systematic in the case of newspapers.  In general, I confined myself to newspaper material to which I found reference in independent sources.


Listed in this ‘References and Sources’ section are the printed source materials I have used, together with items to which reference is made in the main body of the text.


There are no main entries in the body of the work for non-printed material, but any references made to such material in annotations are listed in the appropriate part of this References and Sources section.


Citations are made in the form of the Anglo-American Cataloguing Code, with some modifications to accommodate the nature and form of this work.



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