Gaelic Literature  of the Isle of Skye: an annotated  bibliography   


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MS Gen. 1042 (The MacLagan MS) in Glasgow University Library.  Photocopy of version of Lachlan MacTheàrlaich Oig’s Latha siubhail sléibhe  in MS 105.  Listed in MacKechnie 1973: 429-430.



MS 14876 (formerly Acc. 4309) in the National Library of Scotland.  [Donald Smith] 1776.  Photocopy of two poems headed ‘s mi Sugura Le’  and ‘Iorram Cuain Gohine da Bhrathir’,

on ff. 31-32.  MacKechnie (1973:345) notes these poems as being on ff. 30-31.



John MacLean MS.  Poem headed ‘Cumhadh do dh’ Iain garbh, Machd Illechallum, le phiuthar, an deigh a bhathadh, agus Ishe air tuiteam le machd Tighearna na Duine, agus e Dol a phosadh leigh eile’, p. 416.  The original MS is in the Public Archives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

consulted the microfilm Copy (MF. 5) in Aberdeen University Library.



John MacLean MS (MG/15G/2/1) in the Provincial Archives of Nova Scotia in Halifax N.S.  Poem headed ‘Òran do Shir Dòmhnall Shlèite le Màiri nighean Alasdair Ruaidh’, p. 404 [second of two pages with this number].  (I am indebted to Prof. Colm Ó Baoill for this information)



MSS 14902-14909 (Acc. 4863) in the National Library of Scotland.  The Papers of Frances Tolmie, 1908-1917. 

Correspondence, words and music of songs and miscellaneous material contained in a number of notebooks and folders.  Included in the songs is a significant amount of unpublished material





School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh.  Area index (Skye).

Index of material on record in the School’s Sound Archives.  The index is in card format and there is also a computerized listing with the same kind of information.


SA1957/70/A2 in the Sound Archives of the School of Scottish Studies.

Kenny S. MacLeod of Portree singing a version of ‘C’àit an caidil an nighneag an nochd?’  composed by Iain MacCuithein.


MacNeacail, Calum.  Calum Ruadh: Bard of Skye.  Tangent Records for the School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh: TNGM 128, 1978.


MacNeil, Flora.  Craobh nan Ubhal.  Temple Records: CTP 002, 1981.

Includes ‘Chan e caoidh Mhic Shiridh’, a Skye version of ‘Cumha Peathar / Cumha do Mhinistear a chaidh a bhàthadh .  (MacDonald 1911: 172-173).


Matheson, William.  Gaelic Bards and Minstrels.  Edinburgh: Greentrax, 1993.  (Scottish Tradition 16).

From recordings made for the School of Scottish Studies: two tapes with accompanying booklet.  Includes a number of Skye songs.


Neat, Timothy.  Hallaig: the Poetry and Landscape of Sorley MacLean.  Eagle Eye Productions, 1984.

Video recording of documentary first made for RTE.


Primrose, Christine.  Aite mo Ghaoil.  Temple Records: CTP 006, 1981.

Tape recording, later issued in CD format (Temple Records:  COMD 1006, 1993).  Includes a version of Domhnall MacPhillip’sCoille an Fhàsaich’.





Somhairle MacGill-Eain Air-loidhne .

The official Sorley MacLean website.


Maoilios Caimbeul: Bàrd agus Sgeulaiche Gàidhlig 

Site of poet and writer.


aonghas macneacail

Site of poet and writer.


Runrig: everything you see . 

Office website of the influential band.


Sabhal Mòr Ostaig 

Website of the Gaelic College in Sleat, Skye.


Tobar an Dualchais .

A collaborative project whose website contains

thousands of oral recordings made in Scotland and elsewhere from the 1930’s onwards.  Site searches for Isle of Skye,  Raasay and the Small Isles yield more than four thousand items.


The Carmichael Watson Project = Pròisiect MhicGilleMhìcheil MhicBhatair . 

Project centred on the Carmichael Watson collection in Edinburgh University Library.  It aims through a variety of activities to make the collection more accessible to the wider academic community as well the broader community.























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