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Originally entitled Portree Secondary School Magazine; this periodical has between about five per cent and ten per cent of Gaelic material per issue.  On the whole, this material does not compare with the quality of writing to be found in An Cabairneach, the periodical produced by the school’s branch of Comunn na h-Oigridh (see sections for anonymous poetry and for prose in this bibliography).  Nevertheless, some interesting and original material is to be found in the Portree High School Magazine’s pages, particularly in the last few issues.  Many of the young poets of course came from other islands, but I have not made any attempt to separate them from the Sgiathanaich here.


Surviving copies of the magazine are mostly in private hands.  I have had access to issues 1 to 8 (1934-1941), and 11-20 (1950-1970).


Most of the poems listed below are based upon traditional metres, usually with imperfect rhyme and minimal ornamentation.


Portree Secondary Magazine, 1 (1934)


i    R. McD.  ‘Eilean a’ Cheò’, p. 14


ii   M. McC.  ‘An Samhradh’, p. 21


iii  A. J. M.    ‘Port-Righ’, p. 26


Portree Secondary Magazine, 2 (1935)


i    A .J. M.  ‘Air Dhomh Sealltainn air m’ ais


ii   C. McL.  ‘Alba ag Gul’, p. 10


iii   D. S.  Caisteal Dhuntuilm’, p. 28


iv   J. A. McL.  ‘An t-Eilean Hearrach’, p. 28


Portree Secondary Magazine, 3 (1936)


i    R. McD.  Ceann nan Sia Bliadhna’, p. 9


ii    J. A. McL.  Soraidh leis na h-Earradh’, p. 17


iii   R. L.  Teachd an t-Samhraidh’, p. 23;  Aoir an Sgoileir’, p. 26


iv   D. S.  Marbhrann do Rìgh Seòras’, p. 33


Portree Secondary School Magazine, 4 (1937)


i     D. S.  Blàr na Féill Bealltuinn’, p. 16


ii    J. A. M.  ‘Na h-Earradh’, p. 21


iii   D. S.  Latha Crùnadh Rìgh Deòrsa’, p. 26


Portree Secondary School Magazine, 5 (1938)


i     M. M. P.  ‘Cumha’, p. 16


ii    J. M. R. M.  Tigh nan Caoran’, p. 17


iii   S. N.  Deireadh an Earraich


iv   S. N.  Clann Neacail


v    ‘ A’ Chearc Arcach’, p. 29


Portree Secondary School Magazine, 6 (1939)


i      N. M. P.  ‘Cumha nan Gillean’, p. 8


ii     D.M. L.  ‘An t-Each’, p. 18


iii    A. J. M.  ‘Maduinn Samhraidh’, p. 18


iv    ‘ A’ Chailleach Chearc’;  Marbhrann do Choilleach’, p. 19


v     D. M. L.  ‘An Uile-Bheist’, p. 29


vi    D. N. N.  Latha a’ Mhòid’, p. 29


Portree Secondary School Magazine, 7 (1940)


i      L. M.  Oran do Shean Ughdair Araidh’, p. 10


ii     K. M. D.  ‘An Samhradh’, p. 18


iii     D. M. L.  ‘An Deuchainn’, p. 18


iv    A. M. L.  ‘Na Laoich a dh’ Fhalbh’, p. 18


Portree Secondary School Magazine, 8 (1941)


i     J. A. R.  Laoich nach Tréig


ii    K. C.  Fagail Sgoil Phortrigh’dh


iii   R. A. F.  Banais Shiamasain


Portree Secondary School Magazine, 12 (1951)


i     K. C.  Nid’, p. 9


ii    J. G.  ‘Air an Tràigh’, p. 9


iii   Peggy Matheson.  ‘An Samhradh a’ Tighinn’, p. 33


iv   A. M. MacDonald.  Dol Fodha na Gréine’, p. 34


Portree High School Magazine  (1962-63)


i    Fionnghal NicGumaraid.  ‘Do Mhial’, pp. 20-21


ii   Domhnall Torcull Greum.  ‘ A’ Ghàidhlig’, p. 26


Portree High School Magazine  (1963-64)


i    Allan Campbell.  ‘Na Tréig’, p. 38


ii   Patricia Campbell.  Moladh na ’, p. 43


Portree High School Magazine  (1964-65)


i    Anne MacLean.  ‘An Samhradh’, p. 65


ii   Allan Campbell.  ‘Mo Dhachaidh’, p. 72


Portree High School Magazine  (1965-66)


i    Beitidh NicGillFhinnein.  Bodach Rocais’, p. 24


ii   Rob Domhnullach.  ‘An Bodach Neònach’, p. 24


iii   Ailean Caimbeul.  ‘Mort’, p. 32


iv   Mairead Chaimbeul.  Céilidh’, p. 61


Portree High School Magazine  (1966-67)


i    Anne G. MacKinnon.  Tighean Beaga’, p. 26


ii   Marion Montgomery [Morag NicGumaraid, q.v.].  Fois’, p. 26


iii  Malcolm MacKinnon.  ‘Am Feasgar’, p. 32


iv  Margaret Campbell.  ach mi?’, p. 36


v   Patricia Campbell.  Dealachadh’, p. 49


Portree High School Magazine  (1967-68)


i    Marion Montgomery [Morag NicGumaraid, q.v.].  ‘Car son?’, p. 15


ii   Marion Montgomery [Morag NicGumaraid, q.v.].  Cion’, p. 15


iii  Patricia Campbell.  ‘An Sgath’, p. 15


iv  Finlay MacSween.  ‘An t-Iasgach’, p. 31


v   Annie M. Campbell.  Anns a’ Choille’, p. 33


vi  Anne G MacKinnon.  Falach Fead’, p. 38


Portree High School Magazine  (1968-69)


i    Anne G. MacKinnon.  ‘An Aisling air an Ròs’, p. 80


ii   Donald Thorburn.  Sith’, pp. 80-81


iii  Finlay MacSween.  Buaidh’, p. 81


iv  Annie M. Campbell.  Cailleach Ghlaschu’, pp. 81-82


v   Patricia Campbell.  Sgoil Beul an Ath Ruaidh’, p. 93


Portree High School Magazine  (1969-70)


i    Ailean MacAoidh.  Tubaisd Mara’, p. 48


ii   Domhnall Iain Cunningham.  ‘ M’ Eilean’, p. 48


iii  Ruairidh MacLeòid.  ‘An Stoirm’, p. 49


iv   Morag NicDhomhnaill.  ‘ A’ Bhanrigh’, p. 49


v    Dolag Nic a’ Phearsain.  Crìochan Ura’, p. 49
























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