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CAIMBEUL, Ailean  (20th Century)


A native of Dunvegan, Skye.


Ailean Caimbeul.  An Latha Màireach’.  Gairm, 58 (An t-Earrach 1967), 160-162.


A story which appears to be based upon a true life incident involving two young Glendale men, one a sailor and the other a shepherd, towards the end of the 19th Century.  It is told in the person of the sailor, who is unable to save his friend from being killed while trying to rescue a sheep, an event which haunts him for the rest of his life.


CAIMBEUL, Maoilios  (1944 - )

Maoilios Caimbeul was born in Staffin, Skye.  He was a schoolteacher for several years and also taught at Sabhal Mor Ostaig in Skye before retiring to his native Staffin. 


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(1)  Maoilios Caimbeul.  Clann a’ Phroifeasair.  Glaschu: Gairm, 1988.  58dd.


A story for young people.  I have not had sight of this book.  Reviewed by Iain MacAonghais in Gairm (148:382).


(2)  Maoilios M. Caimbeul.  Talfasg.  Glaschu: Gairm, 1990. 


A story for young people.  I have not had sight of this book.  Reviewed by Iain Mac a’ Ghobhainn in Gairm (152:383-384)


(3)  Maoilios M. Caimbeul.   Meirlich nam Bradan.  Stornaway: Acair, 1991.  65dd.


A story for young people.  I have not had sight of this book


(3)  Maoilios M. Caimbeul.  A Ulbha gu Geelong Stornaway: Acair, 1992.  66dd.


A story for young people.  I have not had sight of this book. 




CAMPBELL, Alan.  See: CAIMBEUL, Ailean



CAMPBELL, John Lorne  (1906-1996)


John Lorne Campbell of Canna was a distinguished Gaelic scholar.  During his long life he wrote extensively on Gaelic language and literature.  He also published a considerable amount of material on both local and natural history.  He was particularly noted as a collector of Gaelic oral tradition and song and in much of this work he collaborated with his American-born wife, the late Margaret Fay Shaw.


Fear Chanaidh.  ‘Comhradh nan Eileanach’.  An Gaidheal, 39 (1943-1944), 69-70, 79-80.


A dialogue between ‘Eachann Uibhisteach’ and ‘Iain Mór Sgitheanach’ upon the importance of maintaining Gaelic language and culture.  In the tradition of the format used by Caraid nan Gaidheal (Rev. Norman MacLeod) in the

periodical An Teachdaire Gaelach (1829-1831).




















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