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MACAONGHAIS, Iain  (1893-1976)


The Rev. John MacInnes, Iain MacAonghais, was a native of Skye.  He served as minister in several places, including Hopeman, and was an authority on Highland church history.  He was the author of numerous books and articles, notably The Evangelical Movement in the Highlands of Scotland 1688-1800

(Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, 1951).


(Information from The Companion to Gaelic Scotland (Thomson 1983: 174) )



Iain MacAonghais.  An Cìobair Hearach agus Andra Noble’.  Gairm, 85 (An Samhradh 1973), 49-51.


Tales of two well known inhabitants of Duirinish in the 19th Century and of an encounter between them.  An Cìobair Hearach lived at Uiginish.  Andra Noble lived at Lonmore and was a noted catechist and elder of the Free Church.



Iain MacAonghais.  ‘Buidseachd is Diomhaireachdan Eile’.  Gairm, 87 (An Samhradh 1974), 257-262.


The Rev. MacAonghais discusses belief in witchcraft and the Black Arts, illustrating his subject with examples of traditional tales from his native Skye.  These include the tale of the young Waternish boy found dead near Fairy

Bridge, who was said to have been killed by witches; Iain Garbh Mac Ghille Chaluim and his fight with the Colann gun Cheann; and finally, two tales of diabolical manifestation.  For all of these, the Rev. MacAonghais offers a natural explanation.


This article should be compared to articles on similar subjects written by the Rev. Tormod Domhnallach’s (see his entry), who takes a more traditional view of the events concerned.  Eilidh Watt responds to the Rev. MacAonghais’ article with one of her own, ‘Asal Bhalaam’ (Gairm, 89: 54-58), and offers her own explanation for one of the incidences of diabolical manifestation for which he offers a natural explanation..










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