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‘Daileach’ was probably Donald MacPhie (1852-1922).  Born in Roag, Skye, he was a schoolmaster for over forty years in Cumbernauld.  Active in the affairs of An Comunn Gaidhealach, he was editor of that body’s periodical An Deò-Gréine from 1912 until his death in 1922.  Along with Professor W. J. Watson he edited a series of Gaelic reading books for children.




‘Daileach’.  ‘Iain Bàn Tàillear’.  An Deò-Gréine, 13 (1917-1918), 38-40.


Iain Bàn Tàillear lived in Skye in the earlier part of the 19th Century and had a reputation for quick wit and ingenuity.  It was not uncommon for tailors to have such a reputation in traditional Gaelic society, as Pàdruig Moireasdan testifies in his Ugam agus Bhuam  (Moireasdan 1977:59).  ‘Daileach’ recounts eleven stories in all about Iain Bàn.  In these he usually gets the better of those who cross him.  One story recounts Iain’s addiction to tea, then an expensive luxury.



‘Daileach’.  ‘Ar n-Aithrichean agus Airgiod-paipeir’.  An Deò-Gréine, 14 (1918-1919), 26-27.


The second part of this article is taken up with the story of one Tormod Ruadh, who belonged to Roag, in Skye.  In Tormod’s time salt was still taxed and he used his with and ingenuity to extract the maximum benefit from the system and, at the same time, to find husbands for his three daughters.



‘Daileach’.  ‘Na h-Amadain’.  Guth na Bliadhna, 16 (1919), 71-80.


Includes accounts of two of Skye’s ‘wise fools’; Gilleasbuig Aotrom and Aonghas Dubh nam Beann.  The latter, a deeply religious man, was a native of Lewis, but spent most of his life in Skye










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