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MACRATH, Eoghainn  (20th Century)


Eoghainn MacRath belonged to Skeabost in Skye (Tocher 17:10-12).  The four stories listed below, which appear in An Gaidheal Og, have been edited from recordings in the School of Scottish Studies in the University of Edinburgh.



Eoghainn MacRath.  ‘Sgialachdan Sgitheanach: mar thàinig ceòl do na h-Eileanan an Iar’.  An Gaidheal Og, 10 (1958), 3-4.


Tale of a poor widow’s son finding a harp and his mother obtaining the gift of music for him by selling her soul to a practitioner of the Black Arts.



Eoghainn MacRath.  ‘Sgialachdan Sgitheanach: mar thàinig Puirt-a-Beul do na h-Eileanan an Iar’.  An Gaidheal Og, 10 (1958), 5.


How Binne-Bheul, daughter of the King of the Land-under-Wave, brought mouth music to the islands and vanquished a wicked giant.  Finishes with a moral conclusion.



Eoghainn MacRath.  ‘An Gille Calum’


i     An Gaidheal Og, 10 (1958), 7.


ii    Tocher, 17 (Spring 1975), 10-12.


Relates how the dance ‘An Gille Calum’ was first performed during the period of the Flood and Noah’s Ark.  The second version is a transcription of the original recording in the School of Scottish Studies in the University of Edinburgh (SA 193/165/8 & 177/1) and has a parallel English translation.



Eoghainn MacRath.  ‘Na Sìthichean’.  An Gaidheal Og, 10 (1958), 10.


Tells of the origin of the fairies; how, having remained neutral during the struggle between the good and the fallen angels, God adjudged them to be too good for hell and not good enough for heaven.  They were then

banished to earth.  There is also an explanation of their eventual disappearance from earth.  Compare with the Rev. Tormod Domhnallach’s ‘Mar a dh’èirich na Sìthichean’ (Gairm, 111/112:276-277).










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