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MACNEACAIL, Alasdair  (1884-1966)


A native of Skye, Alasdair MacNeacail worked as a schoolteacher in Glasgow.  He was also lecturer in Gaelic at Jordanhill College and for a time in the Department of Celtic of the University of Glasgow.  He wrote a series of Gaelic textbooks and a history of Skye (Nicolson 1930).


(Information from: Thomson 1983: 214).



Alexander Nicolson.  ‘Comhairleach Sgiathanach’.  An Gaidheal, 22 (1926-1927), 121-123.


Two stories of Taog Mór MacCuinn, an eighteenth century Skye man noted for his wisdom in the settling of legal disputes.  The Rev. Tormod Domhnallach has written versions of the same two stories, see his entry. 

The Rev. Domhnallach’s versions name the chief who seeks Taog’s advice as MacLeod of Dunvegan, whereas Alasdair MacNeacail names him as a MacDonald of Sleat, Domhnull a’ Chogaidh.  MacNeacail also introduces the suggestion that the chief was jealous of Taog’s reputation for wisdom, and hoped to embarrass him by presenting him with an intractable problem.



Alasdair MacNeacail.  ‘Domhnall Mac Iain Mhic Sheumais’.  An Gaidheal, 22 (179-183).


Account of one of Clan Donald’s greatest heroes, who has been celebrated in song and story.  It forms an interesting complement to the Revs. A. and A. MacDonald’s account (MacDonald and MacDonald 1904: 499-503).  Although Alasdair MacNeacail uses traditional material, his style of writing is such that the inclusion of this item in the section for traditional prose has been a borderline one.










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