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MACLEOID, Niall  (1843-1913)


Author of Clàrsach an Doire,  first published in 1883,  Niall MacLẹid lived to see the publication of its fourth edition in 1909.  In addition to the poetry, the second and subsequent editions include prose material written by MacLẹid: see items listed below.  All four items are to be found in each edition from the second onwards, but references below are to the sixth edition only.  For a discussion of Niall MacLẹid and his work, as well as bibliographical details of all six editions of  Clàrsach an Doire, see his entry in the section for poetry and song of known authorship.



Niall MacLẹid.  Clàrsach an Doire: Dàin, Orain is Sgeulachdan.  An siathamh cḷ-bhualadh.  Glaschu: Gairm, 1975.


i     ‘Gilleasbuig Aotrom’, dd. 229-239.


This is the most extensive of the published collections of tales of Gilleasbuig Aotrom which I have seen.  It includes two which I have not found elsewhere in print.


ii    Cailleach nan Cṇ agus Tàillear nan Clàr’, dd. 239-243


Story which pokes gentle fun at superstition and credulity, using motifs frequently found in traditional storytelling: a reputed witch, dark deeds in a graveyard, a tailor who has a way with words, etc.


iii   Domhnull MacThormaid, agus Leanabh-śthe Cnoc-a’-Chuilinn’, dd. 244-252.


One of the most popular themes in traditional storytelling, that of a fairy child being substituted for a human one.  This particular story is unusual in that it does not end with the restoration of the human child to his parents, but simply with them at last getting rid of the changeling by means of a trick.  The trick, pretending that the fairy hill is on fire, is a common motif in stories all over the Gaidhealtachd (Campbell 2, 1890:62-65).


iv    ‘Gaol Gàidhealach: Sgeul Firinneach’, dd. 253-274


See Niall MacLẹid’s entry in the section for non-traditional creative prose.









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