Gaelic Literature  of the Isle of Skye: an annotated  bibliography   


Traditional Prose: collections and collectors





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The magazine An Cabairneach was published by the Portree High School branch of Comunn na h-Oigridh in 1944, 1945, 1950 and 1962.  It is distinguished by the innovatory style of its prose content and it also contains a considerable amount of verse.  Further details of this material can be found in the section for non-traditional creative prose and the section for traditional poetry and song.  Each issue also contains some material upon traditional themes, frequently written in a traditional style.  Such material, except that which is clearly not of a Skye origin, is listed below.


An Cabairneach (An t-Og Mhios 1944)


i    Cathair na Caillich: Sgeul airson na Cloinne’, dd. 4-5.      


About an old woman fishing.


ii   Amadan Mhic-Lẹid’, dd. 9-10.


iii   ‘Ban-bhuidseach Dhun-Tuilm’, d. 14.


iv   Loch Shniosdail’, d. 20.


About a haunted loch near Kilmuir.



An Cabairneach (An t-Og Mhios 1945)


i   Ṕobairean Smearcaileid’, dd. 3-4      


An encounter between the MacCrimmons and a South Uist family


ii   ‘An t-Each-uisge: Sgeul airson na Cloinne’, c. 5.


iii   Cùiltearachd’, dd. 16-17.


Tale of Domhnall Gobha from the west of Skye.  A battle of wits between an illegal distiller and the gaugers.



An Cabairneach (An Cèitean 1950)


‘Teachdaire na h-Airigh-Luachrach’, dd. 9-10.


Ghostly night time encounter on a moor.



An Cabairneach (An Cèitean 1962)


Loch na Mnatha: Air Son na Cloinne’, dd. 2-3.


Two place-name tales: about Loch na Mnatha in Raasay and Ḷn an Eireannaich near the Skeabost river in Skye.










Single items




An Cabairneach


Tormod Domhnallach I

Tormod Domhnallach II

Anna Ghreum

Gilleasbuig Aotrom

Iain MacAonghais

Aonghas Mac a’ Phi

Domhnall MacCuithein

J. G. MacKay

Hugh MacKinnon

Calum I. MacLean

Kenneth MacLeod

Niall MacLẹid

Alasdair MacNeacail

Eoghainn MacRath

Somhairle Thorburn




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